Radio Mi Amigo Top 50 van 24 november 1974

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De Radio Mi Amigo Top 50 van 24 november 1974, uitgezonden door Radio Mi Amigo.

Nr. Artiest Titel
1 Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting
2 Spooky & Sue Swining on a Star
3 Donny & Marie Osmond I'm Leaving It All Up To You
4 Ricky Gordon Such a Night
5 Sweet Sensation Sad Sweet Dreamer
6 Lester & Denwood Angela
7 Albert Hammond I Don't Wanna Die in an Air Disaster
8 Octopus I'm So in Love With You
9 Paper Lace The Black-Eyed Boys
10 George McCrae I Can't Leave You Alone
11 George Baker Selection Sing a Song of Love
12 De Strangers Schele Vanderlinden
13 Jack Jersey Rub It In
14 Samantha Ik hou van jou
15 Neil Diamond Longfellow Serenade
16 Alvin Stardust You, You, You
17 Paul Anka & Odia Coates (You're) Having My Baby
18 The Osmonds Love Me For A Reason
19 Lemming Father John
20 The Three Degrees Get Your Love Back
21 Johnny Bristol Hang On in There Baby
22 Leo Sayer Long Tall Glasses
23 Will Tura Als je vanavond niet kunt slapen
24 The Classics Yellow Sun of Equador
25 Paul Da Vinci If You Get Hurt
26 John Lennon Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
27 Willy Sommers Dans met mij tot morgen vroeg
28 Claude François Le téléphone pleure
29 James Lloyd Santo Dominga
30 Teach-In In the Summernight
31 Mieke Een kind zonder moeder
32 The Shoes Make Up Your Make Up
33 10cc Silly Love
34 The Hues Corporation Rockin' Soul
35 Paul Severs Een traan in je ogen
36 Sparks Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
37 Gene Pitney Blue Angel
38 The Tymes You Little Trustmaker
39 Nick MacKenzie Hug Me
40 Chocolate Boys El Bimbo
41 Sweet Turn It Down
42 Etta Cameron I Gotta Feeling
43 André Moss Rosita
44 Adamo N'est-ce pas merveilleux?
45 Kiki Dee I've Got the Music in Me
46 Sailor Traffic Jam
47 Billy Preston Nothing From Nothing
48 Demis Roussos With You
49 Redbone One More Time
50 Cozy Powell Na Na Na